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[music] >> one day after an officer involved shooting leaves a 19 year-old man dead, tensions are running high in the bayview district were the shooting took place. police are making their presence felt. we have the latest on the investigation. >> he and i haven't done, we saw the whole thing even when he started running. >> trevon was there when the shots rang out. >> i saw the police gunned him down when he was running. >> the police say different story, they say he was stopped by to officers looking for fair jumpers. they say that the man ran off and during a foot pursuit of the suspect pulled a gun fired at the
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officers. >> we believe the suspect fired at the officers and the officers returned fire in self-defense. >> initially no gun was found but they believe they have the gun now because the person that posted this you to the video pointed out the gun on the ground, you can see it in the bottom right- hand corner of the screen, and this is a close-up shot of what appears to be a handgun it also points up the person in the grey sweatshirt with white stripes saying that a man picked up the gun and disappeared before the police could get into evidence. the police said the gun was taken as officers on the scene were busy tending to the suspect and before they could establish a crime scene. the eye witness i spoke with the doubts of the gun recovered was used by the suspect. >> the shots that were fired off from the same gun, all from the same guns, from the police. >> continuing our team coverage this a the second time that the police officers have shot and killed a man in san
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francisco on july 3rd bart police killed a man that they say was armed with a bottle and a knife at the civic center station. believe the latest shooting caused even more attention --tension between the community and the police. >> some people in the bayview district said that the officers make them feel unsafe. >> i have seen a lot of police officers out here and it kinda makes me unsafe, i do not like the police i do not mess with them but as i am walking i will make sure that i have my ticket every time that i get on the train because i do not want to be the next victim. >> she and her friend believe that censuses go police officers use excessive force--and her friend believe that san francisco police officers used excessive force. >> we do not know what the truth is. but it is kind of hard for us to believe the
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police officers because the previous acts that have happened. >> it is racial, it is that it is not fair. >> these young women say years of neglecting the poor neighborhood lead to the bad relationship and when something like this happens it heightens the tension even more. >> i do not think they care about us. >> some 80 residents say that if the police department does not address the problem is they will do it themselves. >> sooner or later there will be a riot on third street because these costs can not get away with it and that is how everyone else feels. >> the police chief is planning on holding a meeting sometime this week to adjust the officer involved shooting and he believes that's relationship between cops and the bay view community is getting better. see he says it was with the help of this community that they retrieved the gun that was taken from the crime scene. in san francisco kron4 news. >> new details in the murder of monica the 21
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year-old woman whose body was found burning on the street in oakland. police now have a person of interest in custody. this is her body was found on a quiet street in the rock ridge neighborhood last thursday. today her family and friends raised $1,700 to go towards her funeral and are two year-old son. here is how they were able to raise money and awareness. >> to know that a human being was burnt, that in and of itself is awful and a violation of human rights. here's a young latino, a young mother who is poor as she is from oakland in she matters and she should matter to a national audience. >> this is a development program in oakland that works with abused involving gangs. crews and others here the car wash were friends with monica rodas the 21
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year-old woman whose body was found burning a couple days ago. they are working to raise money for her funeral and her son that will go on a trust fund. they say working with the this group and helping helps to deal with the traumatic loss. >> we have had three women that have been murdered in the past month. we have had heavy prostitution going on in oakland as well there are so many violations to the rights of women, this is not just about monica although wheat love and care for her a lot of the young people in the program knew her or were family members to her, so yes we will try to raise funds for her funeral, but we want to raise unconscious about what is happening to women in oakland as well. >> another foggy morning for the bay area today they made for cool temperatures the '60s and '70s the warmest place just 77
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degrees in antioch. a break from--break from the summertime. we have a weather system that is producing rain on the north coast of california and there may even be a few showers to the north of santa rosa for our monday. but it is just a slight chance otherwise look for more mild temperatures and warming up by midweek more details coming up. >> it came down to penalty kicks in the women's world final after the u.s. team is their first three shots it was japan for the picking and they did not miss a point. this ended up being japan's first world title. thousands of fans gathered outside of the civic center to watch the game we have the story. >> you can see just how many people watch the game at the civic center plaza, nearly 3000 fans sat on the ground and nearly could not
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keep their eyes off the big screen. most of the people were cheering for the american women's team, you can hear their excitement after the team scored a goal. but it was this kick that made japan the world cup champions. these ladies could not want any more and aden said it was a tough loss and after he shook his head after watching the game. >> it was a big letdown. >> despite the loss, fan's 1/7 as the were excited to see this many people watching the game. >> we have been waiting for women's soccer to come up to this level and now we're here in downtown san for cisco watching it. >> we have a programming note to tell you about this coming monday kron will air nbc programming. we will run america's got talent. and
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then kron4 news will air at 10:00 p.m. that is monday on kron4.
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>> the 4 05 freeway is open again 17 hours ahead of schedule it was closed this weekend so a bridge to be demolished. >> finishing the job up early, some 17 hours ahead of schedule the shutdown of it titmouse stretch of the 405 freeway was supposed to be reopened on monday morning but clearly construction crews finish the job ahead of time. this is remarkable because of all the hype surrounding the closure, and crude and officials anticipated a major traffic nightmare over the weekend was so for all day saturday and sunday traffic was very light throughout this car dependent city. warnings were in affect for months involving the closure. the mayor says that everyone in l.a. pitched in.
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>> it looks like they got the message, they actually not only did not get in their car, frankly, they did not leave their home for the most part in it they did, they walked, took a bus or bike. this is an effort, a big effort on the part of the people of loss and a list and all of the entities here, to address congestion in gridlock to improve the quality of our air. the sacrifices, the burdens that we share now will have dividend's going into the future. >> this is a part of a billion dollar construction plan to expand the 4052 at an age old the lane. part of that included demolishing part of the bridge behind me crews finish up this morning clean debris off the freeway and now it is ready for traffic and ready for the morning rush. this will happen again in 11 months when the cruise demolished the other side bridge next year.
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>> after three years in custody casey anthony is now a free woman. coming up we will show you what is next for the woman acquitted of killing her two year-old daughter that is after she was escorted out of jail.
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it >> in a tightly controlled maneuver, casey anthony left the bars of jail cell behind but for what, at least for now it is unknown. acquitted of charges of murdering her two year-old daughter she was given jail time for miss leading police, time that has already been served. the have a report from orlando on her release. >> following her attorney and flanked by heavily- armed police officers, acquitted murder defendant casey anthony walked out the front door of an orlando jail early sunday.
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journalists who were allowed to follow her out describe how it all happened. >> as soon as the chief walked in and opened the door, they bolted out and it was a 52nd shot. if i would've link i would have missed it. >> officials had more than one plan for the release in kept a close eye on the 1000 or so people gathered outside. many in the crowd were finding fault over the death of the two year-old child and the verdict. >> i cannot even fathom how a mother would do this to her own child it tears me apart. >> she was acquitted of murder and child neglect earlier this month in the 2008 death of her daughter cayley. little girls still to remain profound in a wooded field. not far from the anthony home this weekend, people gathered to remember a life cut short. then, i feel that this is such a sad occasion and the that people should realize that a baby died.
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>> out of concern for at anthony's safety, her legal team is not releasing her whereabouts there is speculation that she could possibly sell or story for millions, or even change her appearance and her identity to try and lead a normal life. in orlando i'm catherine callaway for kron4 news. >> her legal troubles are not over yet during the investigation she told police that a woman by the last name of gonzalez had taken cayley. a woman with that same name is now suing her for defamation. a group that helps in missing person searches is suing to recoup costs during the efforts to find a toddler. in >> clear skies around the bay tonight there is no fog for this evening but there should be some low clouds pushing in later tonight it looks like the fog will not be as extensive as what we have seen in the past few evenings. temperatures in the '50s and '60s still.
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hayward at 60, 54 oakland, fairfield and san francisco. now, for tonight look for mainly clear skies at midnight but some fog beginning to develop into the early morning. we have a beautiful sight, notice that the fog is nonexistent, but we have some fog tomorrow and it does not look like it will make it all the way inland. it will clear up pretty quickly making for a sunny day. because it will be out of here more quickly the temperatures will be on the rise, just a few degrees look for high as in to the '70s but fairfield live to 81 degrees, that is a little warmer than what we have seen both saturday and sunday. 66 san francisco, los '60s at the coast, redwood city and san mateo all in the low to mid '70's. some patchy fog earlier but a mostly sunny day with wins in the afternoon for about 20, to 30 mph. temperatures
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are topping out in the upper '70's and low 80s. the warmest is antioch as is typical a two degrees and for the south bay we will get up to the '70s for san jose, campbell, and sunnyvale. the seven day around the bay and for tuesday, more fog rolling into the bay. we will see some extensive drizzle, perhaps even a few showers to the north of santa rosa early tuesday morning and clearing cooler and warmer towards the middle part of the week. wednesday, thursday and friday back into the 80's inland, '70's by the ban by next weekend will be getting hot again with a '90s for east bay and the inland valleys with mid to upper '70's possibly know 80's. -possible-the low 80s by the bay. >> many people turned out for the 25th annual aids walk. this 6.2 mi. walk began and ended at sharon's
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metto. since the first walk in 1987 more than $74 million have been raised for the bay area hiv and aids organizations. health officials and san francisco are looking to shut down all hookah lounges, they allow people to smoke indoors even though smoking indoors has been banned in businesses since the 1990's and some owners are upset about it. >> hookah owners say it is an important part of the night like culture as well as an ethnic customs. >> we invest a lot of time and money to create this in the united states, and as you see 99 percent of our customers, they all need a release, and they come here they fill home.
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>> this is popular in the middle east and south asia and it has a following here in america. >> is what my favorite things to do in my free time because it is relaxing. >> mohammed says that he may end up closing his business. >> i think this is a wrong decision again that the city is making for the small businesses i try to fight for as much as i could. >> the lounges will face fines up to $500 in eventual closure if they do not comply. >> it is never did a u- turn 100 in two years old. tonight, this young lady is selling her birthday along with her family. she is in a school teacher during the years of segregation, world wars and the great
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depression and she still manages to keep her zest for life. happy 102nd birthday to a beautiful lady. that man was no match to the powerful wizards, harry potter sets a record at the weekend box office, hollywood headlines are next.
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to try lifelock risk free for a full 60 days. use promo code: norisk. plus get this document shredder, free! but only if you act right now. call now! lifelock service guarantee cannot be offered to residents of new york. >> this weekend, it was all about harry potter. the eighth and final installment in the epic series in a new box office record. harry potter and the deathly hollows part to brought in more than $168 million in the first three days. in that is just in the u.s.. the dark night previously held the record with $158 million. worldwide, harry potter to in an estimated
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$476 million. but not everyone was interested in a wizard. coming in and number two, transformers' gathered in another 21 million in ticket sales, that brings their latest project to nearly $303 million in its first three weeks on the big screen. warner brothers' new comedy horrible bosses captured the no. 3 spot in grossed $17.6 million in its second weekend. one hollywood couple pulled off one of the most secretive weddings of the summer, and the cliche-- nick lachee and vanessa manillow married. it will be a part of the tlc special later this month. >> of course they have to have a special for it on tv. >> now am i seeing things or is there a 90 in the
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forecast? >> yes there is the we will have to wait for next week but in the meantime cool again tomorrow. >> that is it for us, good night everybody.
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